Le Smoking: A fashion favourite is a fantasy for all designers

by Paris Chérie

Last week I was in London working for Elle Men (China), on a special feature on Savile Row – it’s a very discreet street in London, with hundreds years of history, offering the best bespoke tailoring service in the world!

Yves Saint Laurent: master of 'Le Smoking'

Among the loyal customers, Royals around the world, Churchill, Napoleon and major A-list stars to name a few. It was an amazing, eye- opening experience to learn about the world of bespoke tailoring, but what intrigued me the most is a Chinese lady who’s the leading cutter on the street and specialises in female bespoke tailoring!

This reminded me of one of the greatest fashion designers who brought the androgynous look into the female fashion world – Yves Saint Laurent – if Coco Chanel freed women, then Saint Laurent gave women power!

YSL introduces 'Le Smoking' in 1966

Le Smoking, the first tuxedo for women, consisted of a classic dinner jacket in luxurious fabric like satin and trousers with a satin side-stripe, teamed with a ruffled white shirt, decorated with a black bow tie - was a chic statement of the 60’s feminist revolution. It became one of the strongest staples of female fashion and no matter how long women argue  over gender equality, at least we are equal in fashion, and better - we can wear men’s style and still look sleek and sexy!


Not just the trousers suit, but the whole androgynous design philosophy can be attributed to the late Yves Saint Laurent – a confident man is never afraid of a confident woman, a theory proven by other great designers who followed Saint Laurent. The look is still going strong today and has become an eternal fashion classic for Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford, Stefano Pilati …and the Savile Row bespoke tailors.

YSL 'Le Smoking' for the 21 century

There’s nothing else to make a woman feel more powerful and polished than a well-cut  Le Smoking suit! So ladies, when you become an executive or simply just want to feel instantly confident, you know where to look when you’re in Paris and London!


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  1. Hey!

    I love your post! And your website!! I bought my YSL Le Smoking in Paris while working for a law firm a couple of years ago 😀 -I finally wore it recently and posted it in my current blog post, please check it out, I think you might like it.

    -Btw, love your statement that Chanel freed women and YSL gave them power!! I have bookmarked your site! <3 I hope you choose to follow back so we can be blogger buddies <3

    A Preponderance of Fashion

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