Death By Hot Chocolate: Best in Paris

by Chenchen

Forget about guides that recommend the best places to sip hot chocolate in Paris. They are usually noisy cafés swarming with English-speaking tourists. You sit at a narrow table and rub elbows with your neighbor. The waiter throws a cup on the table and shoots you a nasty look when you avoid paying a tip.

The best hot chocolate in Paris is, without doubt, in the Four Seasons George V hotel, on the Avenue George V.

La Galerie Lounge at Hotel George V

La Galerie Lounge at Hotel George V

Served in beautiful Marie Antoinette-like china, their hot chocolate is a total extravagance. It is so thick that it sticks to your lips. And so delicious that it is almost suicidal. You can add warm milk (dare you want to dilute it) and black chocolate beans (if you want to make it high octane chocolate). Then, even more choices. It comes with a tiny bowl of whipped cream infused with vanilla and another teeny bowl with two dreamy-soft marshmallows.



The hotel’s ‘La Galerie’ – the key address for the fashion crowd – is full of chemistry. It’s the long gallery where you can take a breakfast meeting, light lunch or hot chocolate and high tea in the afternoon.

I simply loved the pretty embroidered linen and the oh-so-elegantly attired young men who smile at you, as if they have an unshakable prejudice in your favor. I vaguely recalled a passage in Breakfast in Tiffany’s. “It is as if nothing very bad could happen to you there”.



And your cup of hot chocolate at the George V is empty before you have time to regret it (or the calories).

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    Angelina’s 226 Rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris, France
    Best Hot Chocolate IN THE WORLD!

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