Saturday Brunch at La Chambre aux Oiseaux

by Valentine

1-la-chambre-aux-oiseux-brunch-paris-早午餐-巴黎-x468Pssst! I want to share with you a lovely secret address in Paris: La Chambre aux Oiseaux Café. It’s the perfect weekend brunch spot close to the Canal Saint Martin. This adorable tearoom is a must visit! I went there on a Saturday with my girlfriends for brunch. Here are some pics of our visit...
2-la-chambre-aux-oiseux-brunch-paris-早午餐-巴黎-x4683-la-chambre-aux-oiseux-brunch-paris-早午餐-巴黎-x4684-la-chambre-aux-oiseux-brunch-paris-早午餐-巴黎-x4685-la-chambre-aux-oiseux-brunch-paris-早午餐-巴黎-x4686-la-chambre-aux-oiseux-brunch-paris-早午餐-巴黎-468x7057-la-chambre-aux-oiseux-brunch-paris-早午餐-巴黎-x4688-la-chambre-aux-oiseux-brunch-paris-早午餐-巴黎-x4689-la-chambre-aux-oiseux-brunch-paris-早午餐-巴黎-x46891-la-chambre-aux-oiseux-brunch-paris-早午餐-巴黎-x468What’s There to Love?
1. Friendly service: the waitress immediately dubbed us "the girls”. I found it both cool but not too intrusive either. Just the right amount of cute.

2. Bread and black coffee are à volanté (free refills). Yes, you read correctly!  You can get up cut your own slices of brioche, whole grain bread or baguettes!

3. The décor: it’s part art deco, part cosy library. Pretty wallpaper, and a table of fresh flowers with a large window to let in the sunshine. Pure happiness !

4. Good value for the money! A hearty brunch for only 18 €...

92-la-chambre-aux-oiseux-brunch-paris-早午餐-巴黎-468x70593+SECONDARY-la-chambre-aux-oiseux-brunch-paris-早午餐-巴黎-468x705Moral of this story: go to La Chambre aux Oiseaux for brunch! There’s rarely a crowd, but it’s still advised to book ahead.

La Chambre aux Oiseaux
48, rue Bichat 75010
Tel: 09 81 45 45 38
Metro : Jacques Bonsergent
Hours:Wed - Sun: 10h00-18h00.Closed Monday and Tuesday

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