Luxury is Champagne in the Right Hand, Caviar in the Left

by Xinxian

In the decadence of early 90s television, there was a famous American series called “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”. The show featured the extravagant ways of wealthy entertainers, athletes and business moguls; and was iconized by the way the host Robin Leach ended each episode with his signature catch phrase, “champagne wishes and caviar dreams”. And why not? Champagne and caviar are a gourmet match made in heaven.


Since 1774, savvy sophisticated hosts and the most glamorous restaurants in the world have called on Champagne Taittinger to answer the wishes of their guests. One of those glamorous addresses is the iconic Restaurant Petrossian 'Le 144'. It is famous for introducing Parisian high-society to luxurious Malossol caviar that pairs in perfect harmony with Taittinger’s legendary vintage Comtes de Champagne Cuvées. Paris Chérie was invited to discover the joys of champagne and caviar along with our three gorgeous Chinese digital influencer guests: Echo Enjoys, Colorblocker and Zi Tong.


Toast to Paris! L to R: Colorblocker, Zi Tong, Echo

Toast to Paris! L to R: Colorblocker, Zi Tong, Echo

After entering the dining room at Restaurant Petrossian ‘Le 144’, I was immediately captured by the bright, fresh interior. The azure palette, potted plants, and crisp white tablecloths made me feel as if the breeze that blew from outside was the salty wind of the Caspian Sea. The angle of the folded napkins, the distance between the champagne glasses, the water glasses, and the table flowers seemed precisely measured by a ruler. Perfection is the word here.4-DSC_8944-x468 6-DSC_8848-x468

I was greeted by Madame Petrossian – the wife of Petrossian President Armen Petrossian, and by Vitalie Taittinger, artistic director and global ambassador of Champagne Taittinger. She was born with a champagne glass in her hand as the great grand daughter of the founder of the house, and now runs the business with her father and brother. It is truly a French family affair. Mathieu Schlegel, Digital Director at Petrossian, joined us for lunch as well, and taught us a precious lesson on how to regale champagne and caviar together.

Vitalie Taittinger and Madame Petrossian

Vitalie Taittinger and Madame Petrossian

The King of Caviar: Armen Petrossian

The King of Caviar: Armen Petrossian

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The starter begins with soulmates caviar and Taittinger champagne. Madame Petrossian details how the caviar is produced in different bodies of water, and how the cultivation can result in different tasting of caviars. One of the three caviars we tasted was from sturgeons bred in the Amur River in China. The taste was a bit heavier, and went perfectly with Taittinger Blanc de Blancs 2006. The Taittinger Blanc de Blancs is author Ian Fleming’s favorite champagne – he wrote the ‘James Bond’ series, and Taittinger Blanc de Blancs appeared once in a Bond film.


Tips: When tasting caviar and champagne together, you must eat a piece of blini pancake between caviars to cleanse your palate.

Take a small bit of caviar on a mother of pearl spoon. When the soft caviar’s full-bodied flavor spreads across your mouth, it is the moment for a sip of champagne. The fine bubbles rush across the tongue, and the honeyed sweetness of the drink fills your nose. It’s a mini-pleasure. A refined enchantment. This must be one of the most haunting feelings of a luxurious life.

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In the rush of being today, sometimes you need a good reminder to slow down and relish what the French have always known – true luxury is the pleasure of a slow amble through good food and drink. It is found in the small and delicate dishes that need to be cut piece by piece. It is the yellow bubbly champagne you need to sip little by little. Don’t be in a hurry! I am reminded of what Vitalie Taittinger said at the table, “The world becomes lighter and wider after we have caviar and champagne”.


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Photo: Brandie Raasch   Writer: Xinxian Su


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