Ordering Dessert Like a French Girl

by Valentine


When in Paris, dining and indulgence in the many Michelin star restaurants is truly gastronomic paradise. But even at the end of a rich meal, you must save room for dessert! France is the unrivaled king of sweets, and it has its origins in royalty too. In the 19th century, during the reign of famous Marie Antoinette, the decadence of French pastries was born. After the fall of the monarchy, the new bourgeoisie quickly acquired the tastes of their old kings, but with much less restrictions. Men like Louis Ernest Ladurée (of the famous pastel macarons) opened up bakeries that catered not only to high society but to any Parisian with a sweet tooth! Here’s a few favourite French desserts that you simply must taste on your travels!

Pâtisserie (n.f) 糕点 | pastry

La France est le pays de la pâtisserie.
法国是糕点王国。| France is the kingdom of pastries.

2-Desserts-Patisserie-x468Mille-feuille (n.m) 千层派 | vanilla slice

为什么叫千层派?Mille是“千”的意思,feuille是“叶子/一片”的意思,所以翻译成“千层” 派。

Why is it called ‘mille-feulle’? Mille means ‘thousand’ and ‘feuille’ means leaf. Using traditional puff pastry, made with six folds of three layers, the average mille-feuille has 729 layers; with some as many as 2,048!3-millefeuille-x468Mousse au chocolat (n.f) 巧克力慕斯 | Chocolate Mousse

La mousse au chocolat est mon dessert préféré.

巧克力慕斯是我最喜欢的甜点。| Chocolate mousse is my favourite dessert.

4-mousseauchocolat-x468Macaron (n.m) | macaron

“Le macaron est l'un des symboles de la pâtisserie française.”

马卡龙是法国糕点的象征之一。| The macaron is the iconic French pastry.

5-macaron-x468Crêpe (n.f) /法国薄 | French pancake

“Faire des crêpes à la Chandeleur est une tradition chrétienne.”

圣蜡节做可丽饼是基督教的传统习俗。| Making crepes during Candlemas festival is a Catholic tradition.


Illustrations and Writer: Valentine

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