Luxe List

by Paris Chérie

Chatelles: Paris’s Cinderella Slipper

[caption id="attachment_36319" align="aligncenter" width="468"]Chatelles’ founder François du Chastel Chatelles’ founder François du Chastel[/caption] It started as a love story. A handsome man falls in love with a girl. He gives her a piece of his heart, and, along with that, a pair of beautiful shoes. But not all love...
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Yazbukey Girls: Spring’s Superheros

[caption id="attachment_36247" align="aligncenter" width="468"]Yazbukey designer, Yaz Bukey Yazbukey designer, Yaz Bukey[/caption] How do you spot a Yazbukey girl? For starters her dress code is a conversation stopper. It’s because of those telltale accessories like the Plexiglass lipstick necklace or the provocative clutch with the words, ‘Slave to Love’. Her favourite...
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Manish Arora: “I make women joyful”

1-DSC_1875-x468 It’s almost a decade since Manish Arora’s debut in Paris and I’m meeting the designer in his boutique to celebrate another milestone – China is Manish’s most successful market in the world. The Indian designer has just flown 10,000 kilometers to Paris from his headquarters in New Delhi....
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